85/125/165  Conventional Thermal

The TITANIUM 85, 125 and 165 are high end, compact, high productivity conventional and thermal plate processors, They have been designed and built to meet the requirements of even the most demanding pre-press environment.

The TITANIUM can be configured for on-line or off-line use using the extensive range of optional plate setter interfaces or infeed and exit tables.

Other options include:  Second developer brush; conductivity probe; water recirculation; gum flush; bottle sensor; developerflow switch; plate re-entry; drip tray; lower side pluming / bottle cover; wash down hose; remote access system; warning beacon; preventative maintenance kits.

TITANIUM is suitable for use with most conventional, UV (CTcP) and Thermal lithograohic plates.

Features Include:

  • PLC control system with I/O PCB
  • Full colour LCD touch display
  • Small, compact footprint
  • Fully Adjustable developer guide plates
  • Highly efficient drying system
  • Large bore / High flow waste drainage system

BlueFin XS 650, 850, 1250

  • High performance polymer plate processor
  • Available in 650 mm, 850 mm und 1,250 mm working width
  • Suitable for high quality applications and screenings
  • Up to 400 plates/h in constant quality
  • Reduction of energy costs of up to 50%
  • High production security by monitoring of all flow rate
    parameters with the FlowControl System
  • Robust stainless steel bath reduces maintenance works
    and time

upto 400 Plates / h

The BlueFin is a high class plate processor for polymer printing plates.

Constant processing results qualify the BlueFin for the use of modern standards in newspaper production, for example high resolution and FM screening. 

Low energy and chemistry consumption, less faulty plates and high production availability reduce the costs per plate considerably. The control system FlowControl immediately  recognizes irregularities and therewith contributes to the stability of the total production process. 

This represents another step towards fully automatic, industrial newspaper and commercial production and guarantees an efficient utilisation of resources. BlueFin processors can easily be upgraded for LowChem application and optimised by the Krause Clean Process Kit.


  • Easy cleaning – optionally automated with AutoClean
  • Convertible for LowChem applications incl. No-PreHeat LowChem

BlueFin LowChem 650, 850


  • Easy cleaning – optionally automated with AutoClean
  • Convertible for the No-PreHeat LowChem application
  • High-performance LowChem wash-out unit for high-volume newspaper applications
  • Independence from a plate type / supplier / technology
  • FlowControl system monitoring for highest production safetyness
  • Stainless steel components (bath, bearings, roll cores) for longevity of the processor  
  • Memory Locks for easy brush and roller adjustment
  • Energy-efficient circulating hot air PreHeat and cold air drying
  • Reduction of energy costs by up to 50%   
  • Clean ProcessKit for clean plates and longer chemistry life

upto 400 plates / h


High Performance

Auto Clean


Stainless Steel

Clean Process



Min. plate format:
260 mm
Max. working width:
650/850 mm
Plate thickness:
0,20 – 0,40 mm

Reduced chemistry

Energy cost savings