Krause APL for continuous non-stop printing plate production

Up to 3,000 plates in up to 4 formats without manual handling from the pallet directly into CtP platesetters for automated non-stop plate production with the Krause APL. Automate your CtP production to reduce unit costs and eliminate many work steps plus error sources to increase your profitability. 


  • Laser markings allow for easy alignment of the pallet in the hold.
  • Automatic determination of the stack height after loading by starting the PowerLoader/APL.
  • The suction cup and gripper combination avoids damage to the printing plate surface.
  • Interleaving paper is removed during the loading process into the integrated transport container.
  • An ultrasonic sensor monitors the plate transfer to increase process reliability.
  • Belt transport with the alignment of the plates in front of the imagesetter ensures smooth transfer.


  • Capacity increases with an expansion module with a second loading bay for loading printing plates on pallets.
  • Flexible positioning of one or two pallets in the loading area.
  • Automatic detection of the pallet positions, no fixed space requirement necessary.
  • Possible integration of 1 or 2 cassettes for handling up to 4 online formats. 

Register Punching and Bending Systems

In-line plate bending and/or punching, which is tailored to the needs of web & sheet-fed printers.

RAO - Commercial Web Printers

  • The RAO is a fully automatic system with the renowned NELA register punching and bending technology and plate positioning over a 3-point system. RAO is available for all the usual commercial printing plate formats and can be connected to a fully automated plate processing line, in line with all types of CTP systems.

SF - Sheet-fed Printers

  • The SF-Bender is a device that has been specifically designed for the needs of sheet-fed printers. 

  • The plates are registered by means of an electronically controlled stop pin system that matches with the stop system of the CtP-line, providing perfect print quality.

  • The SF-Bender bends the plates according to the requirements defined by the press manufacturer, and it is possible to bend several plate formats with the same bending configuration. 

  • A second bending configuration can be integrated.

  • The bending system can be combined with any CtP-system to create a fully automatic and economic plate processing line. 

Plate Sortation

  • Fully automatic pre-sorting of plates is a decisive factor when set-up times for sheet-fed & web presses are constantly reduced. Faster printing presses, shorter print runs, or a combination of presses with different plate formats – given these challenges it is essential for an efficient production process that the printing plates required for the next job are provided as efficiently and as carefully as possible. 

  • Reducing mistakes that occur during the manual handling and sorting of plates is avoided. 

  • An advantage is the careful and scratch-free handling of the plates, especially for large plate formats. From imaging to transporting complete plate sets to the press.

Conveyor Systems

  • The conveyor systems are a modular construction for the scratch-free, fast and safe transport of bent, press-ready, offset plates to all the sortation units.
  • The conveyors are also suited for the transport of unbent plates, perfect for the connection of several CtP-lines to the bending system.
  • With these conveyors, offset plates are transported carefully and efficiently.
  • For large conveyor installations in combination with register punching and bending systems, there are additional tools, which are browser-based, to assist production: –
    • Status Center.
    • Page Tracking.

VCP Evolution - Newspaper Printers

The high-speed variant of the reliable NELA VCPevolution is the ideal solution for all Newspaper printing, where maximum plate throughput is required. The high speeds are achieved by separate punching and bending in 2 steps. The VCPevolution HS can be combined with all the modern high-speed platesetters for an efficient and economical printing plate processing line.

• For Single and Double wide Offset Printing Plates
• Register punching and bending in two steps
• Shearing function optional if required by the press manufacturer
• Optical Alignment with NELA Video Control Positioning
• Bending configuration according to customer´s specification
• Speed: up to 400 plates per hour
• Expandable design with many optional features