Pre-Press Automation

Automation of Pre-Press production will reduce running costs and eliminate many work steps: –

  • Loading plates directly from a pallet into the CtP imagesetter without any manual handling or lifting will reduce plate damage.
  • Inline Plate bending and/or Plate punching and bending.
  • Plate Sortation – for individual print jobs or by Press.
  • Press-ready plates are leaving the Pre-Press department.
  • Job & plate tracking.

Pre-Press Automation can be installed in modular steps for various configurations from your current labour handling to a totally hands-free system up to the point that the plates are fitted to the Press. 

DtP has the knowledge to outline any requirements and provide layout drawings upon request. 

Direct to Plate Ltd

Direct to Plate Ltd (DtP) is the Pre-Media Specialist for Pre-Press Automation. With over 25 years of experience within the Printing Industry on a national basis and centrally located in Stoke on Trent. DtP has Technicians who operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Technicians are continuously trained on all new and existing equipment directly from the companies suppliers and partners. They all have a wealth of experience from conventional plate making to digital plate making. 

Customers can benefit from ongoing maintenance contracts to ensure that the equipment runs to its full potential.  

DtP also offers a 24/7 Telephone and Online support line and Technician Availability. 

The Level of the Service Contract can be flexible and tailor-made to the Printer’s requirements. At present, DtP is servicing over 200 Installations, which include pre-press equipment in newspaper, commercial, and packaging printers, this includes Plate Loaders, CtP devices, Plate Processors and Optical Punch Benders.

DtP is the supplier of equipment from Krause Biagosch, CRON Europe, Nela, Beil, Heights and G&J.

DtP provides the support necessary to ensure our customer’s business is run as smoothly and profitably as possible – whether the system is under warranty,  with a service agreement or an ad hoc agreement. 

DtP works closely with other Pre-press suppliers, Kodak, Fuji & ECO3.



  1996 – 2023

Over 25 years of supplying & servicing the Printing Industry.

 “a personal service on a national scale”


Some key players in the DtP Team

Trevor Darlington
Sales and Marketing Director
Andrea Riley
Accounts Manager
Ian Phillips
Technical Director
Darren Seadon
Senior Service Engineer
Lewis Phillips
Service Engineer
Noa Furbur
Engineering Apprentice