Krause – JetNet

KRAUSE JetNet is the solution to manage digital production data in the industrial newspaper prepress area. The system enables the creation of a workflow from PDF reception to film or plate exposure.

JetNet offers the following:

  • Ink saving in PDF files
  • Colour consistent soft proof
  • Colour density value calculation
  • Evaluation and visualisation of information from the punching/bending systems
  • Workflow automation due to the import of planning data from external systems
  • Potentials for the optimization and automation of production processes are opened up by integrating the JetNet workflow with surrounding planning systems.
  • Ink value adjustment in PDF documents to save ink and optimize print quality
  • Calculation of ink coverage values and transfer to the press control console
  • Softproof display in Web browsers via customer portals, at workstations or in the press control centre
  • Press Control driven just-in-time production with flexible PlateLogistics sorting station assignment for unmanned newspaper plate production

JetNet is the solution for businesses producing more than 200 broadsheet plates per hour or wishing to implement more complex production processes.