Dual-Drum Rapid DD858 / DD870 CTP From CRON

In today’s economy, printers and publishers demand automation, reliability and high productivity


Introducing the DD858 / DD870, CRON has developed this machine which meets all of these needs

Features of the models

  • Modern and ergonomic design

  • Optional Built-in control panel PC with touch screen operation

Plate is loaded onto second drum while first plate is imaged on first drum.  Then the second plate is imaged while the first plate is de-loaded achieving optimal plate throughput for high volume production.

  • The DD858 / DD 870 adopts optical technology to achieve square dot imaging, with a dot deviation error rate ≤ 1%, which is the key element for achieving exquisite quality printing
  • Suitable for all kinds of FM high-screening, Hybrid, Line Printing and AM Screen Printing 
  • Wide Choice of Imaging resolutions from 2400dpi to 9600dpi to suite commercial printers, internet printers and High Definition printing applications
  • Field convertible optical system from UV to thermal or Thermal to UV should you change your plate choice in the future
  • CRON Semiconductor Multiple Fibre Array and Optical Imaging Technology (SMFO)
  • CRON CTP models can seamlessly link with all pre-press digital workflows and MES printing systems, adopting an open architecture approach and eliminating re-training needs for customers with established workflows

Cron equipment is compatible with most major plate types including processless; and they will also fit seamlessly into all existing PDF workflows

Excerpt from print monthly June ’22

      • Dual Drum Imaging Technology

      • Superior Accuracy
      • Maximum Stability
      • Variety of Automation Options
      • Fully Automatic Plate and slip-sheet paper seperation
      • The operation status of the equipment and related data information in
        real time can be monitored through the use of mobile devices,
        easily accomplishing unattended operation, and helping printing companies
        to improve efficiency



The DD858 and DD870 are compatible with all offset plates including processed, processless, low-chem and chemistry free, in sizes up to 1193 x 940mm (B1) and down to 450 x 370mm (B3) with resolutions up to 9600dpi.  Both machines come with a 500-capacity autoloader as standard and are also available from SOS with a 1500-capacity loader.

A unique design means the new DD858 and DD870 are able to process two plates simultaneously, making them capable of producing up to 70 plates per hour.

Optional AL46-H500 

Single Cassette autoloader

Introducing the KRAUSE PowerLoader / APL for non-stop CTP production over several shifts


  • Laser markings enable easy alignment of the pallet in the loading area
  • Automatic determination of the stack height after loading by starting the PowerLoader/APL
  • Suction cup and gripper combination prevents damage to the surface of the printing plate
  • Interleaving paper is removed during the loading process into an integrated transport container
  • Ultrasonic sensor monitors plate transfer to increase process reliability
  • Belt transport with plate alignment before the platesetter ensures perfect transfer
  • Including communication interface to CTP platesetter for reliable production

Min. plate format:      605 x 745 mm
Max. plate format:  950 x 1,165 mm
Plate thickness:         0,2 bis 0,4 mm
 Optional:                                0,15 mm 
Print format:                                    3B

Cron 46 G+

G+ Series Newspaper and Commercial Dual-purpose CTP

New for 2021 - 46 G+ Series
Experience enhancement, Beyond elegance

The G+ Thermal is an updated and enhanced version of CRON’s popular model G, benefitting from
the addition of automation features, improved stability and increased flexibility to add on autoloaders,
punching and multi-direction transport bridges. High-resolution dot reproduction ensures superior
imaging as well as reduced waste, while the low level of maintenance means the G+ series is the most
cost-effective CTP available today.

G+ series models feature the latest generation lasers and liquid cooling to ensure maximum reliability
with fast throughput. The units can be operated as a manual load or combined with an automatic plate
loader with a capacity of up to 1500 plates, providing a fast and convenient flow of plates for the majority of printing applications from A3 to VLF.

The G+ series models are compatible with all CRON Autoloaders and Bridges, and can also be fitted with optional integrated internal punching and optional external punching provided by the CRON multi-directional bridge (BGP) enabling straight or ‘L’ shape system configurations saving space and reducing
processor costs.

  • New plate loading and positioning system.

The new side-gauge system allows smooth accurate movement of the plate at all times.  A new independent pressure wheel structure allows the plate loading pressure to automatically adjust to the plate being user, giving smooth plate loading whatever the plate format.

  • New Dynamic drum Balance design.

The patented triple dynamic drum balance technology allows the drum to load any plate thickness or
format giving smooth vibration-free drum rotation, maximizing image quality.

  • Environment friendly and energy saving vacuum systems.

A high flow vacuum system provides even plate suction across the drum and saves more than 30% of
the energy used previously.

UVP66/72 Series platesetters - VLF

UV plate production across a wide range of formats from A3 to VLF.

CRON’s large format UV platesetters are designed for commercial web offset applications and large format sheetfed presses for poster and carton work. They are based on a new generation platform which offers enhanced reliability, ease of use and serviceability. An extremely reliable plate handling system completes the UVP Series package with efficient and smooth load/unload cycling to ensure optimum throughput up to 21 plates per hour for the larger format machine.

Within the range of five models there are two maximum plate-size options with the largest being 1850 x 1422 mm (32 pages). Plate sizes between the maximum and 650 x 550 mm are fully flexible to give ultimate versatility.

Optional plate feeders and handling systems are available to further automate and streamline production.