CRON Dual-Drum Rapid DD858 & DD870 CtP

  • The DD858 / DD870 adopts optical technology to achieve square dot imaging.
  • Suitable for all kinds of FM high-screening, Hybrid, Line Printing and AM Screen Printing 
  • Wide Choice of Imaging resolutions from 2400dpi to 9600dpi to suit commercial printers, internet printers and High Definition printing applications
  • Field convertible optical system from UV to thermal or thermal to UV should a future plate change be needed.
  • CRON Semiconductor Multiple Fibre Array and Optical Imaging Technology (SMFO)
  • CRON CtP models can seamlessly link with all pre-press digital workflows and MES printing systems, adopting an open architecture approach and eliminating re-training needs for customers with established workflows

CRON 46 G+

G+ Series Newspaper and Commercial Dual-purpose CtP

  • The G+ Thermal is an updated and enhanced version of CRON’s popular model G. 
  • The G+ series models feature the latest generation lasers and liquid cooling to ensure maximum reliability with fast throughput. 
  • The G+ can be operated as a manual load or combined with an automatic plate loader with a capacity of up to 1500 plates, providing a fast and convenient flow of plates for the majority of printing applications from A3 to VLF.
  • New plate loading and positioning system.
  • New Dynamic drum Balance design.
  • Environment-friendly and energy-saving vacuum systems.

UVP66 & UVP72 Series platesetters - VLF

UV plate production across a wide range of formats from A3 to VLF.

  • CRON’s large format UV platesetters are designed for commercial web offset applications and large format sheetfed presses.
  • There are two plate-size options: –
    • UVP66 – Min 650 x 550, Max 1670 x 1290
    • UVP72 – Min 650 x 550, Max 1850 x 1422
  • Optimum throughput from 8 plates per hour up to 23 plates per hour for the larger format machine.