VCP SF Plate Bender

The ideal solution for all sheet-fed printers whose printing plates are not already punched in the imagesetter. VCP SF takes care of the high-precision register punching and bending, of course in-line with your Ctp system. Since the VCP SF is equipped with an optical alignment, the image is used as a reference for the register punching and folding, not the plate edge. This means that all printing plates are punched and bent relative to the image, thus guaranteeing a perfect print result!

In connection with board transport and sorting components, you get an extremely economical, fully automatic board production line that is tailored to your needs. 

Technical specifications

  • Standard design: 1 plate format with 1 fold on one side
  • Processing of different panel formats with the same bending angle possible on request
  • additional bending angle possible on request
  • Bending configuration according to the printing machine manufacturer’s plate scheme
  • Alignment of the printing plates via 2 cameras with NELA Video Control Positioning
  • Throughput: 120 plates per hour
  • Infeed height adaptable to developer
  • PLC control (Siemens S7 compatible)
  • Indicator light red / green
  • expandable with sorting forklifts or with connection to several Ctp lines
  • Monitor for diagnosis display and, if necessary, plate sorting


  • Barcode reader
  • NELA PSC Plate Sorting Commercial
  • Page tracking
  • StatusCenter
  • PQM board quality measurement
  • VPN + remote maintenance
  • NELA service packages