System Automation

Plate On Demand means that exposed printing plates are sorted according to the production planning and made available in plate trolleys for the printing press. The quick and efficient provision of print-ready plates is a prerequisite for the on-time processing of print jobs that have to be produced with shorter throughput times and under increasing cost pressure. The automation in the plate production enables decisive time and cost advantages to be achieved. NELA Plate On Demand. The successful concept for more effective production processes

Register punching and folding systems

Nela offers systems that are specially designed for the plate formats commonly used in web offset printing. It is also possible to process several plate formats here, for example if web and sheet offset formats are produced in mixed operation. It is also possible to trim the panels. NELA register punching and folding systems are available with and without optical alignment.


Printing plates can be stored in the sorting stacker according to various customer-specific criteria. Frequently used sorting criteria are, for example, format, print order or printing machine. With the NELA sorting software you can store recurring sorting patterns or define new specifications. Each stacking compartment has a plate trolley for the quick and gentle transport of your printing plates.


Working papers can be printed out here, listing the contents of a fully equipped plate trolley. The operating personnel can safely assign the car to a specific job or a printing press on the basis of the papers. 

Plate transport

Conveyor lines for the fully automatic transport of flat or curved printing plates, especially for your plate format. The panels are transported safely and without damage to the desired location. In addition, we offer turning stations, folding elements for passages, as well as conveying elements for wall openings. The transport system is always adapted to your individual needs. 


The NELA Indexer is a high-performance printing plate storage system for pre-sorting and holding plate sets for complete print jobs. Thanks to the gentle, separate storage, there is no longer any damage from scratching the printing forms. The loaded plate trolleys, sorted by job, are pushed to the printing machine, where the printing plates can be easily and conveniently removed. The printing plates are transported horizontally.


The production data of the current orders can be monitored on a large screen and the completeness of individual orders can be displayed. The operator can quickly and easily recognize which printing plates are in which carriage or whether a plate set is already complete. 


With NELA PQM + you can measure the quality of your exposed and developed printing plates fully automatically. A special measuring wedge that NELA provides you with must also be exposed. Quality deviations that would lead to an inferior print result are identified as early as possible.


Barcodes are required for various applications, e.g. for plate sorting, page tracking or for the automatic measurement of plate quality with NELA PQM +. To do this, they must contain the information required for the application and be imprinted in the non-printing area of ​​the printing plate. The barcode reader is supplied by NELA and installed in the appropriate position on the NELA system.

Large format plate stacker

In order to minimize the manual handling of large-format printing plates from 72 pages upwards and to avoid the associated scratches and damage, NELA offers this plate stacker, which can be connected directly to the register punching and folding system. The printing plates are sorted and placed vertically in a plate trolley. 


In times of increasing automation, maximum machine availability is absolutely essential. Thanks to their robust design, NELA devices are extremely resilient and therefore extremely reliable. However, regular maintenance work and the replacement of spare parts – as with all technical products – are still necessary to ensure that the systems are ready for production. DTP offers various service programs that also meet the requirement for maximum security in terms of availability.


With the NELA Status Center, all activities of the entire plate processing line are monitored centrally. Status changes and malfunctions are immediately displayed on the control console. For the operator, this means constant and rapid control of all production components on the plate production lines. Faults and production interruptions are displayed in plain text on the control console, tablet or smartphone.