SF Bender

SF Bender

The SF-Bender is our bending machine especially for sheet-fed printers. He positions the printing plates via a monitored system that corresponds to the system in the Ctp imagesetter. This guarantees perfect printing results. 

The SF-Bender brings in the bevelling prescribed by the printing machine manufacturer, whereby several plate formats can be processed with the same bending angle. Optionally, 2 different bending configurations can also be integrated. 

The SF-Bender can be combined with any Ctp system to create a fully automatic, economical printing plate processing line. The basic package includes an infeed conveyor and a single stacker with trolley for scratch-free storage of the curved printing plates. The system can be flexibly expanded with NELA transport conveyors and stacking stations for automatic panel sorting and forms the solid basis for the automation of your panel production. 

Your advantage: more efficient and cost-saving panel production by eliminating manual handling – thus no more scratching the panels!

Technical specifications

  • Standard design: 1 plate format with 1 fold on one side
  • Processing of different panel formats with the same bending angle possible on request
  • additional bending angle possible on request
  • Bending configuration according to the printing machine manufacturer’s plate scheme
  • Alignment of the printing plates with a monitored system; Positions of the contact points correspond to the Ctp imagesetter
  • Throughput: 120 plates per hour
  • PLC control (Siemens)
  • pneumatic components from FESTO
  • expandable with sorting forklifts or with connection to several Ctp lines
  • Stacking station with gripper arms and suction cups for the safe and gentle storage of the printing plates – guaranteed without scratching!


  • PC system with monitor and signal light for displaying error messages or for installing sorting or tracking software
  • Barcode reader
  • Plate sorting: multiple stackers and indexers
  • NELA sorting software: PSC Plate Sorting Commercial
  • Page tracking
  • StatusCenter
  • PQM + in-line plate quality measurement
  • Integrated register punching possible on request, optionally with video control positioning for maximum register accuracy
  • VPN + remote maintenance
  • NELA service packages