Fully automatic register punching and folding system for commercial roll-up printing, or on request only available as a folding system. An optimal solution for processing several roll formats in one machine, also suitable for large formats up to 96 pages.  

RAO and AOF offer the well-known NELA register punching and folding technology with plate positioning via a monitored 3-point system. They are extremely flexible and also suitable for use in packaging or continuous form printing. In combination with NELA conveyor technology and plate sorters, they can be combined to form a fully automated plate processing line.

Technical specifications

  • RAO: Register punching and folding in one operation
  • Cleaning and fine oiling of the punching tools before each punching process; thus long service life, burr-free and precise register punching
  • AOF: only fold
  • Monitored 3-point system for positioning the printing plates 
  • Control Siemens S7 compatible
  • Pneumatic components from FESTO
  • Network capability via event channels
  • PC-based sequence control
  • Open integration platform for easy integration of new applications
  • Priority-controlled alarm system: error, warning, information



  • Integrated plate shears for trimming on the leading or trailing edge, lateral cut, separating cut


  • Different bending angles can be defined on the leading and / or trailing edge

RAO / AOF flexx:

  • If, in addition to different bevel angles, different bending radii are required
  • With fully automatic double radius changer, depending on the configuration on one or both panel edges

By combining the different techniques, we are guaranteed to always offer a suitable solution!