LS Jet

Krause LS Jet the luxury class on the highest level


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The LS Jet provides leading technology for highly productive newspaper and commercial applications. With up to 350 plates per hour it is the fastest violet platesetter with a single exposing head currently available on the market. A performance which allows for later editorial deadlines. Thanks to its flexibility in platehandling, the LS Jet is perfectly suited for production environments with frequent format changes. The well-proven Krause construction and violet-technology guarantee an efficient utilisation of resources and reach highest quality and reliability at lowest operating costs.

  • Fastest single optic CTP high performance platesetter
  • Up to 350 plates/h fully automatic
  • User friendly by open design with free access to all platesetter components
  • Integrated double media sensor with automatic plate eject system
  • High quality due to small spotsize of the Juwel-Optics
  • Low service costs through remote service