Krause Plate Stream

Krause PlateStream – Exceeds your expectations


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Krause is a technology leader and the new PlateStream proofs it impressively. PlateStream images more than 400 pph and provides user friendly operation and loading from left or right with trolleys or pallets with no extra space need. Optionally a panorama cassette is available and holds up to 30 panorama plates. And all this technolgy is build into a small housing – so PlateStream incorporates highest CTP specification at smallest floor space. Even more convincing are new Krause PlateStream developments and the technical components that achieve the peak of perfection goal. E.g. the Krause Juwel Ultra 3.0 carefree quality imaging electronics plus the innovative TIFF-Stream board to run the machine with highest quality at full speed. In order to match these developments with high speed mechanics, Krause designed the Snap-Lock register plate alignment and the Mikro-Direct-Drive system that allows for almost continuous imaging of plates. The Krause PlateStream represents state-of-the-art technology for future oriented and integrated CTP production.

  • CTP peak performance platesetter with more than 400 pph
  • 1 or 2 (Multiformat) loading bays for trolley or pallet loading with up to 3.000 plates per bay plus opt. panorama cassette
  • Integrates future oriented Industry 4.0 and 3D components
  • Excellent violet imaging quality with Krause Juwel Ultra 3.0
  • App based WLAN operation with Krause Tab-Control
  • Represents the latest CTP generation for newspapers
  • Krause resource efficiency concept and various tracking options