KIM Krause Imposition Manager

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Dynamic Impositioning
KIM 6.1 is a modern JDF network-compatible imposition solution. Through the connection to an upstream MIS or calculation system and the adapted user interface it is possible to generate complete imposition templates mostly automatically. The assistant for pre-planning of printing jobs also enables the operation in production planning. The integrated CIP4 folding scheme catalogue allows a standardized data flow, starting from calculation to finishing.

  • Automatic sheet layout according to production rules
  • JDF import from MIS systems
  • JDF export of imposition, cutting and folding data
  • JDF integration into Apogee and Prinergy workflows
  • CIP4 JDF certified
  • Officially JDF 1.3 and CIP4 certified by PIA / GATF
  • Integrated CIP4 folding scheme catalogue
  • Real PDF based impositioning
  • Folding sheet oriented
  • Automatic press control mark positioning
  • Binded and unbinded products can be combined
  • Sheetfed, digital and web offset (also multiple webs)
  • KIM Auto Server for automatic processing of pre-defined imposition jobs
  • KIM Standard, KIM Small Format, KIM Digital, KIM Auto, KIM News

Fields of application

  • Web offset and sheetfed, digital print
  • Binded printing products of any kind (magazines, brochures, books etc.)
  • Unbinded printing products (business cards, calendars, etiquettes etc.)
  • Newspapers (page pairing)