Krause Jet Net Workflow for the industrial newspaper production

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The Krause Jet Net is the standard solution for the management of digital production data in the industrial prepress.
With its complete functional scope, the system represents the entire workflow from PDF reception to film or plate exposure. Potentials for the optimization and automation of production processes are developed through the integration of the Jet Net and surrounding planning systems. In this way, Krause offers newspaper companies with any level of production and with complex requirements for process automation the ideal complement to the efficient plate setters of the LS Jet series.

No compromises are made; high quality is offered in a complete solution.

Main Features

  • Central management of PDF pages and TIFF separations
  • Automatic quality control of PDF data through Preflight and Correct
  • Optic quality control of PDF and TIFF data through softproofing and approval system
  • Impositioning from PDF pages and TIFF separations
  • Output of PDF data to RIPs
  • Output of TIFF data to plate setters including page balancing and bitmap adjustment to exposure requirements
  • Decentralized production control through network workstations


  • Automation of production processes through the integration of planning data from external systems
  • Mounting of complete pages from PDF elements on the basis of plan data from external ad layout systems
  • Color adjustment in PDF documents in order to save ink and optimize the print quality
  • Calculation of ink coverage values
  • Softproof display in web browsers


  • Operation is carried out on standard server hardware under Windows Server 2003