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Plates On Demand

Plates On Demand

Ensuring quality of the finished products, printing plates must also be handled with care to prevent and eliminate the risk of damage. Material handling is a repetitive and labour intensive activity well suited for automation as it reduces labour costs, enhances speed and efficiency of operations, and eliminates the risk of errors and material damage. Automation of material handling processes also has the benefit of making the workplace safer. Automation will help eliminate accidents and occupational safety issues associated with manual labour contributing towards better worker safety, health, wellness, and reduced company expenditure on employee insurance and compensation. The importance of the financial savings that can accrue from ensuring conformance to safety regulations cannot be undermined especially against the backdrop where legislations are becoming stringent and exceedingly punitive. Krause Auto Plate Loader – Offers online access to up to 1400 printing plates.

Fully automatic plate handling from pallet to sorter.

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DTP and Cron

TP66/72 Series platesetters – VLF

CRON’s large format platesetters are designed for commercial web offset applications and large format sheetfed presses for poster and carton work. They are based on a new generation platform which offers enhanced reliability, ease of use and serviceability. An extremely reliable plate handling system completes the TP66/72 Series package with efficient and smooth load/unload cycling to ensure optimum throughput up to 21 plates per hour on the larger 72” model.

Within the range of five models there are two maximum plate-size options with the largest being 1850 x 1422 mm (32 pages). Plate sizes between the maximum and 650 x 550 mm are fully flexible to give ultimate versatility.

Optional plate feeders and handling systems are available to further automate and streamline production.

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