Krause BlueFin and FlowControl 
production security in processing on highest level

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The BlueFin is a high class plate processor for printing plates, available in two speed configurations. Constant processing results qualify the BlueFin for the use of modern standards in newspaper production, for example high resolution and FM screening. Low energy and chemistry consumption, less faulty plates and high production availability reduce the costs per plate considerably. The control system FlowControl guarantees a maximum degree of security. It immediately recognizes irregularities and therefore contributes to the stability of the total production process. This represents another step towards fully automatic, industrial newspaper and commercial production and guarantees an efficient utilisation of resources.

  • High performance plate processor
  • Suitable for high quality applications and screenings
  • With up to 350 plates/h it is the fastest processor in the world
  • Reduction of energy costs of up to 50%
  • High production security by monitoring of all flow rate parameters with the FlowControl System
  • Reduce maintenance work and cleaning time